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"The Pilates method, created by Joseph Pilates, consists of a series of controlled movements made to exercise the body and mind, in coordination with the breathing, focused on the flexibility and right alignment of the body. These exercises are worked in a wholesome manner, like a choreography, requiring deep attention and the realization of each movement in a mindful manner, helping each person find harmony and equilibrium, allowing the body to move with grace, fluidity, and precision, avoiding potential injuries.

The Pilates method can be practiced by people of any age and expecting mothers, including those who have never exercised, because it allows for an increase in the physical capacity of the individual. This method is also used for rehabilitation because of the potential of its results."

What do I need to start?
It is important to communicate any specific physical conditions/problems you may have to your Instructor. Ginny will make a personal evaluation of your case prior to the first class so as to design a specific exercise program that will best suit your individual needs.
After this, all you will need is comfortable clothing, your Pilates mat, and lots of desire to work out!
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